_MG_9845_smallHere’s what some of our families have to say about their experiences at Learn2Blossom Early Development:

My 4 year old daughter just graduated from this program which she entered as a newborn at the age of 2 months. Not only we were treated like family, but my daughter grew, learned, and had wonderful experiences through each year she was in attendance.”

“As a mother, it is really important for me that my child is loved and is not treated like another number. In this daycare, my daughter is genuinely cared for and I know that my she  will grow up to see these people as their family, not just a passing person in their life.”

“Both of my sons started going to this daycare when they were 12 weeks old. My older son graduated from this childcare when he was 4 1/2 to start Pre-K.  My other son who is 3 years old is currently attending this daycare and it makes me happy that he looks forward to going to his “school.” I am pleased with how they provide a nourishing, caring, and clean environment and how they prepare the children for Kindergarten.”

“I was very nervous about my new motherhood, transition to work, and leaving my precious baby in a daycare. However, all my worries quickly dissolved as I saw the level of dedication that Gladys and the rest of the staff showed for my child. The staff sings songs to the children and the activities teach them about responsibility, respect, and more importantly, all the necessary educational tools needed to transition into kindergarten. In addition, the children learn in two languages; English and Spanish. This is an important age for children to learn about other languages that will help them get the competitive edge in the future.”